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Are you looking for a toy dinosaur to give to your children, and you don't know what to choose?

Here is for you, a selection of our brands to help you find the perfect object!


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A partir de 4 ans :


GLF99 velociraptor blue : 7.25€ TTC 

Your child will be delighted by this 13 cm blue item with summary joints located at the level of the forearms and hind legs.

Jurassic World primal attack GMT90 BEBE INDOMINUS REX L&S - 28.90€

A cute and hungry baby Indominus Rex that will make great companions for your child.

He screams, purrs and eyes that light up! Feed him with a piece of meat provided with the figurine.

AA batteries x 4 included

GAMME ATTAC PACK :  de 9.99€ à 12.90€


A whole range of carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs from 11 to 13 cm long

5 points of articulation and a detailed painting.

Mercedes classe G Jurassic world 1/43ème - 12.90€

Super model from the Jurassic World 1/43 collection from Jada Toys.

Very well detailed metal with opening front doors, size more or less 13 cm

LARGE DINO :  de 39€ à 90€


A range of articulated dinosaurs, with or without sound effects and ultra detailed!


Géant Spinosaurus HGC54 - 45 CM         T-REX électronique GWD67 - 40 CM     Méga Carnotaurus HBY86 - 85 CM 


Superb ultra detailed resin figurines with sketchy joints at a very competitive budget. Welcome to COLLECTA!

Budget €: from 4.99 € to 36.99 € Of all the classified sizes of the DELUXES versions, from XL, L to M you will find a wide choice and species.

Dinosaurs :

Herbivores, Carnivores, Flying, terrestrial, carcasses ...


Prehistoric Mammals and Marine Animals:

Moropus, Keleken, Elasmotherium or even Megalodon, Trilobite! Discover a wide choice:



Complete your collection with these magnificent Trees to increase realism and reproduce the environments of your giants of the past!



REBOR is a brand intended for Adults, but with their new range "GNG" we can offer you superb figurines

at very competitive prices without neglecting the quality and details of the figurine!


GNG01 - Dragon des Komodo - 50cm - 24.99€         GNG02 - T-rex type A marron - 45cm - 19.99€         GNG03 - T-rex type B rouge - 45cm - 19.99€

Fossilized skulls:

A true representation of fossilized skulls in museum quality miniature! Ideal for a Dinosaur fan decoration! Dimension 12x5x13cm - 30.99 € each


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For more than 10 years, Papo France Figurine, offers very beautiful figurines with incredible details and affordable budgets!

Many species available and some of the indestructible notoriety such as the Brachiosaurs over 40 cm!

Budget €: 7 to 49 €


Since 2016, Eofauna was born in Madrid, Spain with the aim of offering new species 100% from skeletons scanned in museums and then reconstituted by computer to give the most faithful possible appearance to the extinct animal. Little known species thus complete the collection with in particular the Atlasaurus, a large herbivore of Morocco or the Deinotherium the elephant with inverted tusks.

Budget € : 23-29€


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