6. Order & Pre-order

6.1 Steps for concluding the online sales contract

The Consumer selects the Product (s) he wishes to purchase and can access the summary of his Order at any time.

The Order summary presents the list of the Product (s) that the Consumer has selected, and includes ancillary costs such as logistics and delivery prices in addition to the price of the Product (s) in the Order. The Consumer has the option of modifying his Order and correcting any errors before accepting his Order.

After accessing the summary of his Order, the Consumer confirms the acceptance of his Order by checking the validation box of the GTC, then clicking on the Order validation icon. The words "Order with payment obligation" or a similar note appear next to the Order validation icon in order to ensure that the Consumer explicitly acknowledges his obligation to pay for the Order.

After acceptance of the GTC and validation of the Order with payment obligation, the contract is validly concluded between the Company and the Consumer and binds them irrevocably.

After the validation of his Order and in order to be able to proceed to payment, the Consumer enters the contact details to which he wishes to obtain the Product (s) ordered, and invoicing if they are different. The delivery process for the Product (s) is described in Article 10 of these GTC.

The Consumer validates his delivery and billing details if necessary by checking the contact details validation box. The Company then sends him an Order confirmation by email, including the elements of the summary of his Order and the delivery and, if applicable, invoicing addresses provided.

After having validated his delivery details and, if applicable, invoicing, the Consumer proceeds to the payment of his Order according to the terms specified in Article 9 of these GTC.

It is the responsibility of the Consumer to provide exact and precise information when placing an Order.

This information must be such as to enable the seller and the carrier to perform their obligations under the best conditions.

This does not exclusively include the Consumer's contact email address, full delivery address, last name, first name, telephone number.

The Company is released from all liability in the event of an entry error or partial or incomplete entry on the part of the Consumer.

6.2 Modification of Order

Any modification of the Order by the Consumer after payment of the Order is subject to acceptance by the seller and to the availability of the products requested.

The request for modification can only be taken into account before the preparation of the Order. The preparation time is generally 48 (forty-eight) hours, but it may be less and no guarantee can be given to the Consumer on this time.

The Company is not required to take into account a late modification request (received after preparation of the Order).

6.3 Order validation

The Company reserves the right to refuse any Order for legitimate reasons.

For example, the Company reserves the right to refuse any Order from a Consumer with whom there is a dispute (ongoing, not covered by a final solution).

In the event of refusal, the Consumer is fully reimbursed within a reasonable time, and in any event less than 30 (thirty) days.

6.4 Unavailability of ordered products

In the event that one or more products are unavailable on an Order, the Company will inform the Consumer within a reasonable time and offer him a product of equivalent quality and price. If the Consumer wishes, it can be reimbursed.

6.5 Pre-orders

The company offers the possibility of pre-ordering items on the site. These are indicated by clear labeling visible to the consumer. It is located in the "Pre-orders" category of the website.

An approximate date is indicated and is subject to change at any time according to the supplier's indication.

The consumer has the right to retract within 14 days of his purchase, for pre-orders with an availability period greater than 1 month. For pre-orders of less than 1 month, the legal deadline is 7 days.

Beyond that, the purchase of a Pre-Order product commits both parties to the transaction. The consumer agrees to pay the total value of the object and the costs indicated. The company undertakes to honor the delivery of the pre-ordered item as soon as it is in stock at its premises.

Payment can be made either in cash. Is by a "dynamic" payment system that allows consumers to choose the amount they wish to commit to pre-order one or more items.

The available payment methods are: Credit card, Paypal, Check "max 50 €" or by bank transfer

Payment in several installments (maximum 4 installments within a budget range of between 100 to 2000 €) by the Alma system. See article 9 "PAYMENT"

For the return conditions, refer to article 8 "Withdrawal"

For delivery conditions, refer to article 10 "Delivery"

Félicitation, un bon de réduction d'une valeur de 1€ vient de vous être accordé.

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